About Us

Gandhibharati is a part of Lokbharti Gram Vidyapith in rural Gujarat (INDIA), which is a learning ecosystem of collective morality, happy coexistence with nature, mutually supporting departments and a routine that celebrates strengthening rural economy, cohesiveness, harmony and community living for inner happiness and peace.

International Center for Applied Gandhian Studies is a research and training center working to find out possible solutions to problems (local and global) by exploring Gandhian principles through empirical methods. There are two precise functions of the center: 1) Knowledge Creation and 2) Knowledge Dissemination. Emphatically, the idea is NOT to study life and works of Mahatma Gandhi for celebrating his genius but to critically engage with the same to discover applicable models to tackle 21st-century challenges.


To provide a platform for learning and implementing a lifestyle that would help individuals, society and nature become sustainable.


To design and carry out in/formal programmes to identify, understand, experience and ultimately practice Gandhian lifestyle for a sustainable and happy living.

Core Values

  • Being a research institute, everything that we claim is applicable so that people and organizations can replicate the models.

  • The center celebrates diversity by using diverse approaches and methods to reach its goals. We invite people from all over the world to come and study/work with us.

  • Gandhibharati negates one-time utilitarian philosophy and aspires to find out sustainable solutions so that people can use them for a long time. The center is very self-critical about its own discoveries and believes in continuous modifications.

  • There are many organizations, formal and informal, working in the same directions. We make active efforts to join hands and share resources and ideas to achieve our collective goal.

  • Innovation drives Gandhibharati. The constant search for methods and materials that are sustainable for meaningful human existence makes our programmes unique, our process flexible and adaptable and our experiences joyful and memorable.

  • Since, the center is based on Gandhian ideal of a comprehensive worldview; all our efforts are but important threads of a common fabric. It is inevitable for all the initiative to justify its presence it the larger mosaic.


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